Brew great beer at home
This recipe kit is for you that already have a brew kit or other equipment for brewing with crushed malt at home. You will learn how to brew good beer with real malt, hops and yeast. This 20L Recipe Kit gives approximately 50-60pcs 33cl bottles of beer (bottles not included).

Berliner Weisse 4,5%
Berliner Weisse is a sour, fresh and thirst-quenching German wheat beer. The beer is soured by a Kettle Sour process using lactic acid bacteria.

Add fruits and berries to your sour beer
Its simple to make this Berliner Weisse into a sour beer with fruits and berries, often called "Florida Weisse". When the sour beer has fermented for 3-4 days, carefully pour the fruits or berries (preferrably pasteurized to avoid infections) into the fermenter and let ferment rest of the time.
The dosage of fruits and berries varies, depending on how much taste or colour one wants, and how powerful flavours the particular fruit or berry has. For example, raspberries can be added in quite high amounts, about 50-300g per liter. However a fruit such as passion fruit can be dosed lower at 10-20g per liter becaue it has a more distinct flavour and sourness. Of course, it all comes down to individual taste and preference.
The Home Brewery's purées are perfect for this application.

Recipe Kit Berliner Weisse 4,5% contains:
- Souring method: Kettle Sour. Whole pilsner malt for souring and muslin mesh bag are included.
- Malt (crushed): Pilsner, wheat
- Hops: None needed
- Yeast: English Ale
- Clarifying agent: Protafloc
- pH-adjustment: Lactic acid
- Caps: Black caps are included
- Brewing Manual and Recipe in English (Grainfather XML-file is available upon request)
Contains barley and wheat malt.

This ale is best fermented at a temperature of 18°C. Recommended temperature range is 17-21°C. To keep the temperature within optimal range, one can use a cooling bag or temperature controlled fermenter or refrigerator.

How long does it take to brew?
The sour beer is brewed during 3-4 days. Day 1 it's mashed, sparged and quick boiled, and then it's soured for 2-3 days. Day 3 the soured beer is boiled and then fermented for 2 weeks. After that, the beer is bottled and bottle conditioned for 2 weeks to produce carbonation. 4 weeks in total, then the beer is ready to be enjoyed!

What equipment do I need to have at home?
Brewery (20L or more) or other brewing equipment for crushed malt, pot/boiler 10-20L, ladle, sugar, container 1-2L, milliliter- and deciliter measures, bottle filler, sanitizer, bottle capper, fermenters with and without tap. Plastic cling film/foil. Brown empty bottles (about 28pcs 33cl per 10 liters of beer) are only needed when the beer is to be bottled 14 days after the brewing day.

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Customer reviews

  • Lennart L.
    One of the best beers I've brewed even though I only got it to 4%. Next will be with raspberries in.

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