An unmalted adjunct that adds a grainy bite to beers. Used up to 10% of the total grist, Flaked Barley is used to add unfermentable saccharides in the brewing process. This increases the attenuation limit, while also adding high molecular weight protein for head retention, as well as greater body and turbidity. Flaked Barley gives a grainy bite to beers and can be used to reduce the addition of wheat in beer styles such as New England IPAs, wheat beers and saisons.

Beer Styles:
New England IPA, Wheat Beers, Saison
Malt Flavour:
Up to 10%

Simpsons Flaked Barley
Colour: 1-1,5 EBC (European Brewing Convention)
Use: Up to 10% of the malt bill, requires finer milling than barley.

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